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Future Forms has been a good experience overall as it has taught me how to be more independent with my studies and use my online resources. I think sometimes I needed better explanations of some topics, sometimes the teacher just assumed we knew the topic but really I didn’t fully understand. I always ask a lot of questions but by the end of the year I think I was starting to answer my own questions, use my resources, and ask my peers. I honestly don’t know how  I will be going back to regular classes next year as I will have to hand write every note, and I won’t be able to use my phone, or computer. All of these changes will take some getting used to but O well that’s life! Also I think that not having a neutral website for all the class notes may be hard to get used to because I went on our class website all the time to get notes I had missed, know when projects are due and also to find out what we are doing that day. There is a lot of independent and group work time in this class where as in a ‘normal’ class there isn’t as much collaboration between the students. I like learning for my peers. Overall I have liked the class, at times there was no work at all but then there was a lot of work at times!

For future classes like this I would suggest evenly spreading out the work load to make it easier on the students.



Nancy Lublin is the CEO and Chief Old person at DoSomething.Org. Lublin disuses in one of her ted talks how texting can save lives. She states that teens send on average 200000 text messages every month, there is a 100% open rate and that texting is 11 times more powerful.   Nancy started texting teens to get opinions on their organization but teens were texting them back powerful personal problems. When she read the messages she decided to open a text-only-crisis line.

I believe this talk was directed towards teens but also their parents. I think this way because she was making it clear that some teens need help and texting is a good option and also how parents can easily communicate to their child through texting. Lublin talks in first person throughout the talk. I don`t think this is limiting the views or the talk in general it makes it more personal and relatable. The tone Lublin created was serious as it was a serious topic. Some quotes that add to the tone are, “ Saves or lives than penicillin“ or ‘‘he won‘t stop raping me, he told me not to tell anyone, it‘s my dad, are you there? ‘‘Lublin wants to help these teens that only feel they can text strangers there problems. She was never intending to have this teen text only crisis hotline.

I think the main point of the talk was to inform people that texting is a ‘safe‘way to communicate hard things to talk about. I really understand her talk and it’s a very relatable topic to teens as it states that many people are going through tough times and just need a way to get help. I think that many teens would benefit that crisis line in our society because we’re all about texting but not everyone knows texting can really help a person that has problems with communicating orally. Lublin expressed her tone and point through some specific words that catch the listener’s ears. For example, Lifeline, communicate depression, abuse, data and many more. All of which contribute to the idea that texting can express many emotions, save lives and is a way to communicate.  The literary devices that Lublin used were Simile, Anecdote and repetition the most. Lublin most likely used these devices to add meaning to her talk and also to further express her thoughts about how texting can save lives as it is the easiest way to communicate in this society.

In conclusion I really enjoyed but also learned a lot from watching her Ted Talk. I never thought about texting in this way and how affective it can be. I would recommend “texting that saves lives” to any teen or parent in today’s society.

Money in the BANK!

Money in the Bank:

Teens often want to have a part time job for various reasons. Some reasons may be to have some spare money that is yours and not your parents to use, to save for post secondary school and also to get work experience. Not all teens have parents at home to advise them how to spend their money wisely and also how to save their money.

Something that I am really grateful for my parents teaching me is how to be ‘smart’ with my money. From my very first pay check my parents made me save half my money to put towards my education. At first I didn’t like the idea me not being able to touch half of my hard working pay. Now that I have been able to see my savings account grow I am glad my parents had forced me to save half my income. I have come to realize that I don’t have expenses to pay for yet and so having only half my money to spend if more than enough, and when it comes to university I will not have near as much debt as someone that didn’t save any or as much of their money.

Some other ways to save money when you are in high school,

  •   Saving any portion of your income is better than nothing at all.
  •    Don’t carry around a lot of money, because if you don’t have the money you can’t spend it.
  •     Start saving a small amount and put more and more in as you make more.
  •   Don’t spend any of your change; save it and count your change, you will be surprised at how much you have some months.
  •   For some people if you don’t use your debt card and only use cash you will limit yourself to purchasing more than needed. With cash you see the direct money you are spending where a debit card you don’t physically see it.

Try some out and see what works best for you!

I think that the Ideal Citizen has the following attributes and characteristics:

– outgoing                                                           – honest

– equal                                                                  – sympathetic

– trustworthy                                                      – caring

–  contributing                                                    – loyal

– cares about their Family                                – Hard working

I think this way because I think of a citizen as someone who works towards the good of the nation without asking for anything in return. Also I think an ideal citizen is one that contributes socially, pollitically and economically.

For example in my future forms class we play an online stimulated game of Canda called Civic Mirror. Our class has created a country named Fruitopia and all classmates are citizens in the country fending for there family and lives.  I have experienced my class mates being citizens and some are great contributing, providing citizens and others don’t do anything but barly live or some family memebers die.



This past Wednesday was our first day to connect with our online book club members. Unfortunately I was not able to partake in the online discussions at that time as I was a leader for Breaking Down The Walls.  Although, Thursday night I read over most of the discussion and I have to say they got pretty deep. I was shocked at how open people were being. People where sharing stories about their personal experience with suicide, and their thinking behind the act. Also, how the conversations were all about the big topic of the book, Suicide.

The book is called Th1rteen R3asons Why,  by Jay Asher. The book is about, “ Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he’ll find out how he made the list. Through Hannah and Clay’s dual narratives, debut author Jay Asher weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect teen readers” (www.thirteenreasonswhy.com).


I have started reading the book and it has been really good and I haven’t been able to put it down. I really like how the author has made the readers be able to easily relate and connect to the main idea of the book. I hope by the end of the book I will be able to better understand what some people are thinking when they try or commit suicide.

In the future I am hoping to actually partake in the online discussion and be able to have conversations with people to better my knowledge on the book.

On Wednesday April 18 PHS had the Co-Prez assembly were students running for Co-Prez did their presentation and campaigns about why they would make a great Co- Prez for next year. There was only 3 people in the end that could run for it because a few people went on a school trip and got in trouble and could no longer run! The 3 people who got to run were Jessica, Adam, and Connor.

I thought all 3 presentations had its up`s and downs, but overall they were well thought out and organized! I likes Adam`s presentation and speech the best, he kept everyone laughing and having a good time but also got his point across very clearly. He stated his goals for co- prez and what he wanted for PHS! Saying that the 2 other presentations weren`t bad in my eyes they just weren`t as good as the other`s like i really like Connor`s representative but his speech wasn`t as good, and Jessica`s movie was really good and I liked how she came out dressed as cap Preston!   I have to say though for advertisements and getting their name out around the school before the speeches and the assembly Jessica and Adam were better than Connor`s.

On Thursday April 19th the winners of Co=Prez were announced… Connor and Adam won! I see next year being a good year with them being the co-prez`s, they both have good ideas and now they just have to follow through with them!


Thus far in Preston’s CM world Fruitopia, we have picked the name, animal, flower, slogan, government, and we lastly we have had the big Hex Auction! Originally there were 3 people going for government, Katie, Josh, and Tyler. Josh then dropped out leaving Katie and Tyler to battle it off and try to win the class over. When it can to the election Katie offered cheaper education, free Health Care, and Fruitopia Friday’s, Tyler only had one thing to offer and that was low-income housing!

Who would you vote for… Katie or Tyler?

Well after they both debated and convinced to class to vote  them, the class voted and it was a close call… Katie won by one single vote! That just goes to show you that Every vote counts!

Personally I voted for Katie, I voted for her over Tyler because she had more to offer! I just hope she keeps her word and the government can afford everything she has offered.  Free Health Care, Cheaper Education, and Fruitopia Friday’s … all of which could help with my Hidden Agenda! Since I can`t share what my Hidden Agenda is all I can say is Katie’s offer would benefit my plan more than Tyler’s would have!

Katie got to choose 2 other people to be on the government with her to help her with debates and decissions, she choose Ashley Grey and Jocelyn Hanson. While Tyler is now Apposing the Government, he is the leader with Josh Morrison and Eric Ferguson.

Now the Hex Auction!

Almost everyone was biding on Hex`s, some were pooling there money together with others and a few people were just zoned out and not doing anything. I have to say that that was not the time to do that becuase now they are left with nothing!

Personally, I was ready to go and i had read over the few pages about the Hex auction in the student manual and I ended up buying a house “on the nice side of the tracks“ so now my family wont dies becuase they are in a nice neightbour hood. I also bought a tree with 2 of my friends… now I can`t share what we are going to do with it, but watch out Preston FFP were comming! 😉

These are my thoughts on CM thus far, and I hope it just keeps getting better!!!

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